Telemedicine Plus+ $0/mo
per provider
Regularly $39/month. See patients via telemedicine from your FREE telemedicine clinic. Work from anywhere at anytime to complete online visits and generate revenue. Get paid for doing telemedicine AND peer-to-peer eConsults. Offer Second Opinions. Fast and easy setup.

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  • Free Telemedicine Video Visit Clinic & Marketplace Listing
  • Set your own price for marketplace eVisits
  • We send patients to you through the marketplace
  • Paid telemedicine programs
  • Each paid telemedicine program reimburses at a different rate. You choose which ones you want to participate in.
  • Telemedicine clinic link for your website and social media
  • HIPAA Secure Messaging
  • Secure MessageRx ePrescribing
  • Collaborative Charting
  • Inbound and Outbound Quick Referrals
  • Free Secure Record Sharing
  • Paid Provider-to-Provider eConsult Program
  • Volunteer Peer-to-Peer Network
  • Second Opinion Network
AZOVA charges a small technology fee for each visit or referral sent to you.
  • $18/Video Visit
per provider
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Basic $0/mo
per provider
Regularly $69/month. See patients online or in office. Acquire more patients with telephone, secure messaging, after hours & online second opinion eVisits. Increase in office and procedural appointments. Choose your services and prices & accept insurance.
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Everything in FREE plus the following:
  • Expanded eVisit options. You set your prices or accept insurance. Offer soonest available evisits or scheduled eVisits.
  • Scheduled AND next available video eVisits.
  • Telephone eVisits
  • PhotoForward(TM) eVisits
  • Secure Messaging eVisits
  • In-Office Visits for procedural appointments or basic in-office visits.  Fill open appointments with new patients who request appointments through the marketplace.
  • A custom web link for your own website for patients to access online booking for all your services including evisits, office visits and procedures.
  • Second Opinion Network. You set your areas of expertise so patients who are searching for solutions can access your second opinion online.
AZOVA charges a small technology fee for each visit or referral sent to you.
  • $18/Video Visit, $14/Telephone Visit, $10/Secure Messaging Visit, $18/In Office Visit, $75/Second Opinion
per provider
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Premium $0/mo
per provider
Regularly $125/month. Maximum patient flow with additional marketplace services. Join the Second Opinion Network, use your Digital Answering Service for after-hours e-Visits and offer free online consults. Prospective patients become established patients. 
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Everything in Basic plus the following:
  • Premium marketplace listing
  • Offer free (or paid) online consultations from the marketplace or your own website. Prospective patients convert to established patients. Providers can generate thousands of dollars per month with this module.
  • After-hours e-Visit clinic with digital answering service. No more neet to pay an answering service. No more need to go into the office or emergency room after hours when you can see your patients through your after-hours e-Visit clinic. Convert a cost center into a revenue center.
  • Post-operative e-Visits. Open up post-op appointment slots for revenue-generating patient encounters by completing post-op assessments online.
  • Additional online clinic links for your website
  • Customizable intake forms
  • Premium collaborative Charting
  • Quick Chart Online Forms and pre appointment assessments. Send a text or email link to your patients to fill out paperwork on a smartphone or computer.
AZOVA charges a small technology fee for each visit or referral sent to you.
  • $18/Video Visit, $14/Telephone Visit, $10/Secure Messaging Visit, $18/In Office Visit, $75/Second Opinion, $15/After Hours
per provider
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* Video calling is billed at 3¢/min per user.